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Within the SLIC II project a toolkit for the peer facilitator training was compiled which consists of 4 separate parts:

The toolkit is available as download and USB-stick. The USB-stick as well as the printed handbook for trainers can be orderd from the  partner organisations.


Handbook for trainers




A handbook for trainers of the peer facilitator training includes the time planning and the session plans for all elements of the peer facilitator training.

The handbook is available in English,German, Hungarian
and Italian.

Materials for the peer facilitator trainees

The materials for trainees is arranged and numbered according to the handbook for trainers and can be downloaded in English,
German, Hungarian and Italian.

SLIC Handbook

The SLIC Handbook contains the time planning for the actual SLIC Workshops and exercises for the workshops as well as backgroundinformation. Here you can find the SLIC Handbook in
English, German, Hungarian and Italian.
More information about the SLIC Handbook can also be found here.

Additional exercises for the SLIC Workshop

The additional exercises for the SLIC Workshop contain exercises for the SLIC Workshops that have not been included in the SLIC Handbook. The document contains for example simplified exercises and exercises that can also be used for people who have difficulties in reading or writing.

It is available in English, German, Hungarian and Italian.