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Trans-national peer facilitator meeting in Budapest

23 peer facilitators from 5 countries gathered from June 17-19 in Budapest to exchange and disseminate experiences made during the peer facilitator training.  

The trans-national peer facilitator meeting served to discuss the peer facilitator training and the trial workshops that peer facilitators run themselves in their own country amongst peer facilitators and with project partners.  Peer facilitators presented the results of their training course and favourite methods and activities. Furthermore lessons learnt, things that went well as well as difficulties were discussed in café conversation sessions.

"SLIC II is not an imposed structure but a flower pot that can grow and develop."

The summary from the trans-national peer facilitator meeting in Budapest is here available.

Visual impressions from the peer facilitator training and trial workshops run by peer facilitators were presented in Budapest: Austria, Germany, Hungary,  Scotland and Finland.

More pictures and avideo about the peer facilitator training can be found here.

"The peer facilitator training had been enjoyed as a very positive experience by trainees and trainers alike."

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