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The SLIC-project “Sustainable learning in the community - Raising awareness of older people's competencies and identifying new opportunities for learning and engagement” aimed to enable older people to participate actively in their community, participate in formal and informal learning and increase their self-esteem and feelings of usefulness.

The core of the project was the development of a two-day interactive workshop with older learners. 10 workshops were implemented and tested with 103 learners from 6 countries. The main part of the workshop was to create an individual skills profile to review participants’ employment, life experiences, interests and qualification to create a personal action plan for future areas of interest.


Each project partner piloted a SLIC - workshop. Participants were older people who are already active in the community or those wishing to become active. The aim of the competence workshops is to:

  • Empower older people in all walks of life to become active citizens
  • Raise awareness for their skills and expertise
  • Encourage older participants to develop further skills and areas of activity

The interactive nature of the workshops is inclusive of all learners and delivered in a friendly, flexible, informal and supportive style. Workshop activities include group discussion, individual reflection, role play and scenarios to allow participants to share and exchange their experience and knowledge and offer peer support.

Here you can find a short description of the workshops by project partners:

Austria, England, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Scotland.

The handbook which provides details on how to run the SLIC-workshops can be found here.

Further information in the national language is available for Austria, Finland, Hungary, Italy and UK.


The European project was funded by the European Commissions' GRUNDTVIG-programme, a sub-programme of the Programme on Lifelong Learning. It was coordinated by the Austrian Red Cross and nine organisations from six European countries - Austria, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, and the United Kingdom - were participating in the SLIC-project. The project has started in December 2007 and ran until January 2010.