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The Centre for Lifelong Learning is part of the School of Education within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Strathclyde. The aim of the School of Education is to contribute to the University of Strathclyde’s vision of being a place of useful learning, building on strengths in research, in teaching and learning and in knowledge exchange.
The Centre for Lifelong Learning is a major adult learning provider offering learning opportunities for people aged 50 and over through its extensive, unique and innovative daytime Learning in Later Life programme. It also provides a range of social, volunteering and personal development opportunities. Our classes are open to all older people regardless of previous educational experience and reflect our commitment to sharing the expertise of the University with the surrounding community. The Centre for Lifelong Learning also offers a variety of professional development programmes including postgraduate courses in Genealogical Studies; Safety and Risk Management and related research opportunities.
Demographic change, population ageing and the challenge of an ageing workforce are key global challenges facing almost all developed countries in the world.  The European project activity carried out by the Centre for Lifelong Learning examines ways of confronting these key global challenges using lifelong learning, intergenerational working and business solutions to enhance the opportunity for greater social inclusion in later life.  Working collaboratively with partner organisations across Europe, the Centre underpins the University’s commitment to “the development of knowledge and people around the world”.

More information about the Peer Faciliatator Training in the UK as well as impressions from the training and workshops can be found here.

Visit the blog of a peer facilitator trainee who wrote about his experiences at the trans-national peer facilitator meeting in Budapest.

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