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How do you feel about the idea of SLIC-workshop?

Older people were interested in participating in a workshop and learning more about their own skills and possibilities of active retirement in their community. A 2-day, six hour workshop was seen as the best option for this. When setting the workshop dates organisers should avoid major religious festivals and should not start too early in the morning. Time for informal contact between the two days of the workshop as well as during the workshop should be facilitated and encouraged.

Older people are interested in a variety of topics, such as:

  • the ageing process
  • legal issues
  • lifestyle and mental health
  • retirement preparation
  • volunteering and community participation
  •  marketing own ideas
  • and learning in old age.

One older learner from the United Kingdom says that:

“I also learnt dressmaking and started a home business but I don’t do it now. I then went to work in a shop and that did not work out for me so I am now back at home […]. I still want to explore and achieve more […] to own a successful business you need understanding and business skills. I tried an ironing service but after lots of people began doing it I stopped […] I did a business course because I wanted to run a Caribbean restaurant but I didn’t get it off the ground.”

Another older learner from the UK states his ideas about active citizenship:

“[…] learning how to stay fit through exercising, and healthy living to keep ourselves fit and healthy to maximise our years and not be isolated or cut off from the community.”