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Active ageing in the community

The recognition and accreditation of prior learning and experience as well as the awareness of new opportunities is essential to foster acctive ageing. It includes addressing social and cultural participation, as well as political and economic activity. Unfortunately, negative attitudes towards older people and ageing in general are still widespread. There is therfore a need to raise awareness of the important role of older people in society and in the economy to change the perception of older people as a burden. The identification of new lifelong learning needs will help to address the transition from a negative view of ageing to a focus on active ageing.

The SLIC-project aimed to make a contribution to the debate on active ageing and to the elimination of age discrimination, by encouraging older people to become active in the community and participate in local decision making processes. Apart from that supporting older people to become active will strengthen civil society and solidarity beween the generations and help to confront the demographic challenge of ageing.