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Austria - Austrian Red Cross

The Austrian Red Cross is responsible for the coordination of the SLIC-project. It is a non-profit organisation based on the ideal of selfless charity.  The Austrian Red Cross is active in the field of ambulance services, health and social services, blood programmes, disaster relief, tracing services, education and  training, humanitarian law, youth work and first aid.  Within the field of health and social services it is also actively involved in home care, visiting services as well as in education and training of older people. The Red Cross has a long tradition of working with volunteers and also strongly promotes the concept of active ageing and volunteering of older people.


Charlotte Strümpel, Cornelia Hackl


Wiedner Hauptstraße 32, 1040 Wien

Austria - Research Institute of the Red Cross

The Research Institute of the Red Cross is a national non-profit institution which provides practical research results for the health and social sector. It works in four research fields: (1) rescue and emergency care, (2) labour market, employment and volunteer services, (3) health promotion and prevention, and (4) health care. With its team of sociologists, social workers, pedagogues, and project managers it conducts research projects and develops solutions for pressing societal problems. In the SLIC project it is responsible for coordinating the first work package on research. This work package forcussed on developing a guide for group discussions and interviews with older learners, writing national reports and writing a European overview report.

01 79580-1423


Nottendorfer Gasse 21, 1030 Vienna

Austria - Ring Österreichischer Bildungswerke

Ring Österreichischer Bildungswerke (RÖBW) is a national umbrella organisation for voluntary educational and cultural work. Many large Austrian educational organisations are among its members. The RÖBW organises nationwide educational events on key questions in many important fields of society, such as development and renewal of local and regional communities, politics, arts, culture, media and education. In total the RÖBW’s members encompass  900 local organisations with 1.683.000 individual members, which means that it is represented in a third of local Austrian communities. The educational work in RÖBW’s member organisations is mainly carried out by volunteers: 6.000 volunteers plan, manage, guide and evaluate various processes of education on a local level and are supported by a pool of 800 part time experts. The RÖBW supports these activities on a local level through experts, coaching, public relations, quality management as well as by offering further education and assistance for the volunteers. The RÖBW has long standing experience in the area of valuing informal learning. Its consulting role is to bring in its expertise in all phases of the SLIC-project.


Wolfgang Kellner


Heinrichsgasse 4 / 2 / 8, 1010 Wien
Tel. +43 1 5336547

Finland - Social Services Department of Helsinki City

The Social Services Department of Helsinki City provides social services for the Helsinkians. The main services are Day Care for children, other Services for families with children, Social Work and Living Allowance, Rehabilitation and Employment Services, Substance Misuse Services, Services for Homeless, Services for Persons in Mental Health Rehabilitation, Services for Mentally Disabled and the Elderly Services.
The Elderly Services Division takes care of the organisation of the elderly services of the Social Services Department.  The vision of the Elderly Services Division is: “The elderly can live and age safely. They are still full of life and enjoy being part of a community. The Social Services Department incorporates the point of view of the elderly into the development of Helsinki and ensures that the elderly are taken good care of. The Elderly Services Division has about 2 700 full-time empolyees and the annual budget is about 210 m€.
Social and community work is a part of the Elderly Services supports the elderly who live at home and the service and recreation centres offer them support in taking care of their own well-being. The aim is to guarantee the elderly the possibility to live at home and to plan the necessary services and care together with the customer and his/her relatives. There are 11 service centres in Helsinki. They are open preventive activities for senior and unemployed citizens. The service centers offer for example, meals, leisure and physical activities.
There are about 90 full-time employees and many volunteer workers. The centers have a multi-provider model: in addition to the City of Helsinki, also organisations, congregations, customers and volunteers contribute to the organisation of the activities. There are about 9 000 clients annually.


Outi Paulig advisor,

elderly services executive

Riitta Kauppila

director of  Kamppi service centre


Helsinki City Social Department


Hungary - Budapest Cultural Centre

Established in 1979 by the General Assembly of the City of Budapest, the Budapest Cultural Centre is the professional service institution of the community cultural institutions, civil organizations and communities of the city. Its services are offered to a wide professional audience as well as to the general public.

With respect to adult education we cooperate with numerous adult education institutions, universities, colleges and NGOs by developing and launching various training programs together. To date, our institution offers up to 40 types of courses for adults.Since 2001 BCC has gradually become integrated into programs that support the training of older people. We have developed courses based on the needs of the age group, participated in international projects, and facilitated voluntary work.

We host and organize a wide range of art programs including conferences, professional workshops and courses of amateur photography, ceramics, folk dance and creative arts for adults and children alike. One of BCC's main fields of activity are to collect, process and publish information on art and community cultural activities. Besides the BCC homepage (, our institution edits several websites on various subjects.

We also organize monthly conference series addressing the current issues of community culture, and we also issue publications. 1999 marks the beginning of international partnerships for BCC, and since 2001 the institution has joined several EU-projects.


Zsuzsanna Brenner


1119 Budapest, Etele út 55.

Germany - ISIS - Institut für Soziale Infrastruktur


ISIS is a private social science research, training and consultancy institute, founded in 1991 and based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In research ISIS has specialised on issues of population groups threatened or concerned by higher risks of disadvantages, such as older persons, migrants, people with disability or the unemployed. The improvement of their living conditions, equal opportunities and participation in society are a primary topic in work of ISIS, including situation analysis, problem identification as well as the development and testing of solutions. ISIS is experienced in conceptualising and carrying out projects for regional and national authorities and institutions, and for more than 15 years, it is active throughout Europe.


Karin Stiehr
Tel.: 0049-171-4423955


Kasseler Straße 1a, 60486 Frankfurt am Main

Italy - Lunaria

Lunaria is an association which carries out research and offers information, training and action on the social economy, immigration, youth programmes and the promotion of voluntary service for all. Since our founding in 1992, we have been running several European, National and local projects. Between 1996 and 2000, we acted as Technical Assistance Office for the Italian National Agency during the pilot project phase of the European Voluntary Service. In 2004 we started running the youth information centre for the Municipality of Venice. In 2001 under the Socrates program we initiated a project called "Mobility 55" that addressed the potential for involving volunteers over 55 years of age in exchange programmes. Since then we have led and participated in several other European projects in the area of senior volunteering. Our project "Still Active!" was awarded the “golden lifelong learning prize” for best practice of the 2000-2006 Grundtvig programme by the European Commission. Since October 2007, Lunaria has been promoting and coordinating SEVEN (Senior European Volunteers Exchange Network) a Grundtvig network that aims to promote trans-national voluntary service exchanges for older people.


Marcello Mariuzzo
Tel. + 39 06 8841880

Fax: + 39 06 8841859


39, Via Buonarroti, I-00185. Rome

UK - The Senior Studies Institute

The Senior Studies Institute (SSI) is part of the University of Strathclyde’s Centre for Lifelong Learning, and is the only organisation of its kind in Scotland. The SSI provides lifelong learning opportunities for people aged 50 and over through its extensive daytime Learning in Later Life programme. It also provides a range of social, volunteering and personal development opportunities. Our classes are open to all older people regardless of previous educational experience and reflect our commitment to sharing the expertise of the University with the surrounding community.


Maureen Marley


Senior Studies Institute
3rd floor,
Graham Hills Building,
40 George Street,
Glasgow G1 1QE


Combating social exclusion-evaluation-research-project management: INTEVAL is a new company, established to further work previously developed by the Combating Social Exclusion Group at the University of Surrey. Nicholas Walters is the Executive Director of INTEVAL.

INTEVAL is working transnationally across the SLIC work packages, with a particular focus on developing the quality and coherence of SLIC’s products. This will include consideration of setting the work in a policy context, so enhancing SLIC’s mainstreaming potential at EU, national and local levels. INTEVAL will have an advisory role and will be supporting and contributing to the project’s theoretical development and to the presentation of its written material.


INTEVAL Limited   (Registration No. 5293402)
9, Valley View, Godalming  Surrey  UK  GU7 1RD

Tel. +44 1483 415 106


ARIADNE offers consulting in learing and project management in the field of education and pedagogy. It targets schoolchildren, students, adults in further education as well as seniors and minority ethnic people in all areas. ARIADNE is a organisation working in the area of ageing, physical and mental well being and ethnicity in Switzerland and across Europe.
Since 2009 ARIADNE is involved in a non-profit organisation called MUNTERwegs. It is offering a intergenerational mentoring program. The aim of MUNTERwegs is to promote the equal opportunities of underpriviledged children, adolescents and parents in the field of education thus improving their quality of life. For further information please contact the project website:


Miriam Hess,, Tel +41 (0) 41 758 01 32,


ARIADNE, Staldenweg 1, CH 6313 Menzingen, Switzerland, +41 (0) 41 758 01 32,