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Training and Trial Workshops

The aim of the peer facilitator training was to train peer facilitators to conduct SLIC Workshops autonomously in organisations or in any other volunteering context.

The training takes eight and a half days in all and consists of:

  • 2 days: Experiencing the SLIC Workshop as participant
  • 4 days: Peer Facilitator Training, including communication, facilitation as well as designing and planning a trial workshop
  • 2 days: Running a SLIC Workshop as peer facilitator
  • ½ day: Debriefing and evaluation – reflecting experiences and lessons learned

Visual presentations about the peer facilitator training in the countries can be accessed here.

The SLIC II Toolkit for the peer facilitator training can be accessed here.

The experience gained from the SLIC II Project has revealed that older people from different walks of life can be effectively trained as peer facilitators. Many peer facilitators started thinking as «workshop organizers» rather than only «facilitators» and they joined several meetings to plan new initiatives. They felt the success of their contribution, and they joined with enthusiasm new ideas and initiatives.
Volunteers crossed the road between « being someone involved » and « being someone who involves »

Individual facilitator work has helped me be more self-confident and strengthen my skills”.

“I could activate and involve participants”.