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The SLIC II project “Valuing older people’s skills and experience: Training peer facilitators” addresses the issue of increasingly ageing societies and the promotion of active ageing. The SLIC II project built on the previous SLIC I project (Sustainable Learning in the Community) where an innovative workshop model and a handbook on how to run these workshops were developed.

The core of the SLIC II project was the development of a six-day peer facilitator training course which was run in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Scotland.

  • 61 peer facilitators were trained between February and March 2012, acquiring new skills such as facilitation, communication and listening skills.
  • 12 SLIC trial workshops were then conducted by peer facilitator trainees in the partner countries in which 122 people participated.
  • A trans-national peer facilitator meeting in Budapest served to exchange experiences and discuss the peer facilitator training and the trial workshops that peer facilitators run themselves in their own country amongst peer facilitators and with project partners

The SLIC II project approach, in which the facilitators have similar characteristics to the participants, has been very successful within the trial workshops and very well received.

SLIC II was a European project funded within the GRUNDTVIG-programme of the European Commission. SLIC II was coordinated by the Austrian Red Cross. The project was carried out by 8 organisations from 6 countries (Austria, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy and the United Kingdom). It has started in January 2011 and ran until December 2012.

The summary leaflet and recommendations for running the peer facilitator training and trial workshops and how to ensure sustainability are  available in

English, German, Hungarian, Italian and Finnish